The Glorious Power of Music


Music is a powerful medium to move the heart. It can change emotion, memory, mood, and passion more quickly than any other form of communication on earth.

However, not all music is created equal. Some songs have the power to transform a person’s heart toward good or evil.

The Devil uses music to weaken nations

Isaiah 14:12 says that the Devil has prepared music to weaken nations. The Hebrew word translated prepare in this verse means to be firmly established, ordained, fitted.

The Devil uses music to make the inhabitants of the earth tremble, to cause them to quiver with violent emotions, like anger and fear.

In order to accomplish this, the Devil tampers with music and turns it into a confused noise that shakes the hearts of people. He distorts the beauty of music into something that rattles them with disorder, leading them away from God and their inheritance in heaven.

The Devil is a master at using music to influence the heart. He can drive people to worship love, sex, money, self, and power instead of the One True God.

The Devil uses music to build idols

Music is a powerful tool that the Devil uses to seduce people away from God. He knows how to use music to build idols that will cause the heart to worship money, love, sex, and power instead of the one true God.

He can even take the Bible and turn it into a song so that people will want to listen to it instead of read the Word of God. He can make people so addicted to music that they need to have it ringing in their ears, just like a heroin addict who needs to have his fix.

Satan understands musical composition better than any human ever lived on the earth. He also hates God, so he can write songs that will lead the human heart away from God.

The Devil uses music to influence the heart

Music, quite apart from an associated text, is capable of evoking powerful emotions. It stirs the heart to penitence, thanksgiving, adoration, and love.

The Devil knows the power of music, and he uses it to influence the heart in a variety of ways. It can become a tool to build idols and to promote sin, rebellion, lust, and pride.

It can also be a way to draw people away from God. The Devil uses music to lure people into his kingdom and his world of temptation.

He is the master deceiver, and he has been using his music to persuade Jesus Christ to act in his flesh instead of following the Spirit (see Luke 4:10-11).

The Bible warns us about the Devil’s use of music. It is an important part of his system of evil referred to as “Babylon.” In the judgments of God, He will silence all music that has been used to lead rebellious hearts into the kingdom of darkness.

The Devil uses music to drive away demons

The Devil is a master deceiver, masquerading as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14+). He has calculated schemes and shrewdly devious methods that are designed to bring down the kingdom of God (see Ephesians 6:11+).

Schemes are defined in English as “a method or procedure of handling a subject”. This definition fits well into the description of the Satan’s tricks.

One of the most dangerous devices he uses is to quote Scripture but with a twist. For example, he quotes Psalm 91:11-12 but rewords it so that Jesus believes it to mean that He must obey the Spirit rather than the flesh (Galatians 5:16-25).

Another device the devil uses is to offer religiously tainted compromises. He may even tell a mature believer that they should not be so strict about certain things in their life.

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