Closet Organization Tips to Streamline Your Style

One of the best closet organization tips is to properly utilize your shelving. This will allow you to see everything you have, and let go of anything you don’t.

Shelving is also a great place to keep slim shoes, such as flip flops and flats. And, if your closet allows it, fold and stack sweaters on shelf dividers.

1. Use Hanging Organizers

Clutter in closets and drawers can easily cause frustration when trying to find an outfit. To make your mornings run smoothly, optimize your closet space with hanging organizers.

Lisa suggests switching out wire hangers for matching slimline hangers to keep items looking neat and tidy. She also suggests sorting shirts by type, and keeping a separate section for workout wear, pajamas, and jeans.

2. Invest in a Shoe Organizer

Whether you hang an over-the-door pocket organizer on your bedroom or living room closet door, or opt for a freestanding shoe rack, storing your shoes more efficiently will help keep them clean. There are budget-friendly options to suit any collection, from small cubbies to full cabinets.

Organize by color, occasion, or frequency of wear to make it easy to find the right pair.

3. Keep Accessories in Drawers

The best way to get a handle on your closet’s accessories is to separate them from clothing. This will help eliminate rummaging and keep your wardrobe tidy.

To keep drawers looking neat, consider the file folding method popularized by Marie Kondo. This folding style allows similarly shaped garments to look uniform and can make it easier to locate your items. Acrylic shelf dividers can also be helpful for dividing up drawer space.

4. Organize by Occasion

Whether you have a massive walk-in closet or a tiny makeshift alternative, it’s important to keep your clothes organized. This will help prevent them from getting lost or snags and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Brookshire recommends using rack tags and shelf dividers to keep items in their proper place. She also suggests organizing by garment type, such as dresses and blouses, to save space.

5. Organize by Color

Whether you have a large walk-in closet or a tiny makeshift alternative, keeping your clothes organized will save you time and frustration. Start by sorting your clothes into different categories — for example, long sleeves versus short sleeve shirts and pants versus skirts.

Then, within each category, organize by color. For patterned items, use the ROYGBIV scheme: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

6. Organize by Size

Keeping your closet tidy is easier when you organize clothing and accessories based on size. Folding and stacking casual clothes like jeans makes sense, while bulkier garments should be hung.

To further streamline your wardrobe, hang items by category and subcategory, such as shirts and jackets or skirts and dresses. This makes it easy to find what you need without rifling through your entire closet.

7. Organize by Style

Organizing by style can make it easier to pull together outfits that suit you. Store your most worn garments in the most accessible places (like jeans with jeans, sweaters with sweaters), and tuck away less-used items toward the back of the closet.

3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams meets up with a local organization expert to learn more about creating systems you can stick with.

8. Organize by Season

One of the best ways to keep your closet tidy is by organizing on a seasonal basis. This will help you weed out old clothes and bring in new ones.

Professional organizers also recommend using shelf dividers to separate pants from skirts, long-sleeve shirts from short-sleeve shirts and so on. Plus, they suggest storing out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags for maximum space savings.

9. Organize by Accessory

Whether your closet is a spacious walk-in or a makeshift version in the corner of your room, you can use clever storage methods to keep your accessories in order. This includes storing all similar items together (long-sleeve shirts with short-sleeve shirts, hats with scarves) and using a catch-all basket for change, rubber bands, hair clips and other miscellaneous accessories.

Closet organization can take a little time to get right and may need some tweaking as you move through your life. However, once you have it figured out, your closet will function more smoothly and efficiently!

10. Organize by Accessories

Whether you’ve got a massive walk-in closet or a tiny makeshift alternative, it’s important to keep your storage space organized. A few simple tricks can keep your clothing, shoes and accessories neat and tidy.

Start with grouping like items together, Brookshire says. This includes short and long sleeve shirts, dresses, wool coats and sweaters. Organize them into piles that are easy to grab, as well as hard-to-fold items like hats, scarves and belts.

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